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We innovate and bring unprecedented insights for data driven precise diagnosis and develop cutting-edge tools for public health.
Our healthcare initiatives leverage the transformative potential of AI and ML to provide precision diagnosis, and treatment
Creating data pipelines to collect and label clinical data for building big data repository.
Strive to transform public health with predictive analysis, precise diagnosis-prevention, and personalized treatment.

Our Mission: Data to Diagnose

In the era of high computational power, big data and machine learning impact most aspects of modern life, from the environment to healthcare.

We strive to innovate and provide improvements in all areas of healthcare, from diagnostics to treatment, by leveraging big data analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our research focuses on resolving unsolved problems and providing actionable recommendations to improve clinical practices and community well-being. We also care about climate change-related impacts on human well-being in correlation with diseases and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


Our Winning Combination

Understanding problems and requirements to innovate solutions.

We are the trusted experts striving to make things easy for you.

We prioritize critical thinking to gain a deep understanding of needs and innovate efficient solutions.

Efficiency, with Preciseness and Accuracy
Experience with Innovations
Efficient and Successful Collaboration
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Our Team

We are passionate about coming together and working cohesively to solve problems.

Latest Updates

As the Founder of Molelixir Informatics India, I am thrilled to provide a testimonial for Digibiomics Canada. Our collaboration with Digibiomics Canada has been a great step in advancing our research and development efforts in the field of drug design using AI & ML and bioinformatics. Our Indo-Canada AI & ML training program has been particularly beneficial for young students & researchers, as it has provided cutting-edge knowledge and tools to stay at the forefront of the industry. We highly recommend DigiBiomics Canada for their exceptional services and expertise in the field.

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