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  • DigiBiomics Inc, Mississauga, Canada

DigiBiomicsĀ® harness the power of AI and ML to tackle three crucial domains that are of utmost importance to humanity today: health, agriculture, and climate change

We innovate and bring unprecedented insights for data-driven diagnosis, solve problems, and develop cutting-edge tools for public health.

Our Mission: Data to Diagnose

In the era of high computational power, big data and machine learning are having an impact on most aspects of modern life, from the environment to healthcare. We thrive to innovate and provide improvements in all areas of healthcare, from diagnostics to treatment, by leveraging big data analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Our research focus is to resolve unsolved problems and provide actionable recommendations to improve clinical practices and community wellbeing. We also care about climate change-related impacts on human wellbeing in correlation with diseases and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.