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  • DigiBiomics Inc, Mississauga, Canada


We highly regard the practices of critical thinking and systems thinking to gain a deep understanding and to effectively address problems. Our solutions cover a wide range of issues in the fields of biology, environment, and business, spanning from local to global contexts.

Current research projects

  • AI to impower patient engagement
  • Geo Lookout for Water- and Vector- borne disease outbreaks
  • AI-based Image processing and disease scoring
  • AI-powered application to detect agricultural and domestic animal disease
  • Resilient reporting and management for public health and safety

Support and services:

  • Drug development and clinical trial design
  • Data analytics for public health
  • Climate change and disease correlation analytics
  • ML and AI-based study design and POC
  • Image-based disease diagnostics and prediction
  • Bioinformatics and data analysis in microbiology
  • Coaching and mentoring for Data Science courses