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AI in Health Ecosystem

Health organizations are accumulating vast amounts of real-time data from various clinical settings, including diagnostics, treatment, process management, and drug discovery. We are working to utilize data analytics, workflow, and AI to identify the underlying causes of diseases, make accurate diagnoses, and recommend personalized treatment plans. Our goal is to innovate and improve various processes within the healthcare ecosystem, including operations and delivery, by developing new prototypes, workflows, and tools.


AI powered diagnosis and clinical management: Our objective is to lower healthcare costs by shifting from a reactive to a proactive healthcare model, emphasizing early detection, predictions, and health management rather than simply treating diseases. We are utilizing AI-based recommendations and insights, including early diagnosis, personalized treatments, and ongoing monitoring, to aid individuals in maintaining their health.

Machine-learning (ML)-enabled precision medicine: We utilize an individual's biology and all available clinical data throughout the patient's medical journey to provide personalized treatment recommendations. Innovations in precision medicine, such as our approach, help to decrease costs, minimize adverse drug reactions, and improve the effectiveness of drugs.

Drug screening and/or repurposing: Our drug discovery team utilizes AI and ML to analyze drug compound activity, signaling pathways, and biomedical data to identify potential new therapeutic agents. We also apply ML techniques to evaluate the biological activity, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion characteristics, and interactions with drug targets of molecules to speed up the drug discovery process, both from existing FDA-approved drugs and new compounds.

Public health, outbreak detection and epidemic/pandemic monitoring: We foresee AI can help us to be more efficient, and more precautionary in detecting any future outbreaks and taking necessary safety actions. Recently we started working in establishing a platform to help in early detection and warning of Water- and Vector- borne Disease Outbreaks in low- and middle-income countries.